Gecenpower Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Charge and Discharge Inspect

Gecenpower Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Charge and Discharge Inspection Procedure

1. After unpacking and getting the battery, use a multimeter to measure it first. The voltage is 13.2V from the factory, and is usually about 13V when it arrives. (If the voltage shows below 11V, the battery has some problems.)
2. Connect the inverter, first connect the negative pole, then connect the positive pole (there will be sparks instantly when you connect it, which is normal) and then turn on the inverter switch. If the battery can run normally, the inverter will start (the display light will be on).
3. Download Bluetooth, connect Bluetooth (Bluetooth can only be connected when the battery is started, usually Bluetooth is dormant). After connecting the Bluetooth, you can see the data of the battery. You can see the current has a digital display, then charging is normal.
4. Connect the load, you can see on the phone that the output current is negative, that is, the discharge is normal.
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