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Uncompromising Quality、Self-Heating Function、Reliable BMS System、Low Temperature Protection Function、Auto-balancing Function、Stable and efficient structure that defies the elements and bumps.
The internal use of our battery is a square aluminum lithium-ion battery, the positive material used is lithium iron phosphate, compared to the market ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate higher safety, longer service life.
The discharge operating temperature range is -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C) and the charging temperature range is -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C). Use of this battery at temperatures below or above this range will shorten the life of the battery. We recommend checking the specific daily temperature of the place you are going before using LiFePO4 batteries.
Batteries are the most commonly form of energy storage. Lithium-ion batteries have superior energy density compared to lead-acid batteries. Battery storage technology is typically around 80% to more than 90% efficient for newer lithium-ion devices.
Yes. All GECENinov power stations support pass-through charging. Pass-through charging is a feature that allows the power station to be used at the same time when it is recharging. However, we recommend this feature be used only on your device(s) that drain less power than the input wattage shown on the screen of your power station, to preserve the health of your power station in the long run.
Please gently wipe it with a dry, soft, clean cloth or paper towel.
When it’s charging, the remaining charging time will be shown on the LCD Screen. Meanwhile, the charging indicator icon begins to rotate with the remaining battery percentage and the input power shown on the right of the circle.
Gecenpower All-In-One storage system is a solution that integrates key components such as energy storage, energy management and warning devices into a single device, designed to provide a more simplified and convenient energy storage and management system. It is plug-and-play so it is very convenient. Eliminate the hassle and extra cost of installation. Gecenpower All-In-One integrates the inverter and battery. Just connect it with applications and solar panels or AC charge.
This depends on the power of the solar panels and the capacity of the All-in-One, and the maximum solar wattage that can be connected to different sizes of All-in-One varies. The instruction manual contains the schematics you need for your convenience later.
It connects to solar panels and utility power, plug and play! Charging is more efficient! The speed, can be calculated by dividing the capacity of the all-in-one by the power of the solar panel.
The maximum input power of the all in one may also vary depending on the specifications. For example, the maximum input power of 1000w is 800w, and the maximum input power of 2000w and 3000w is 1600w.
Currently there are two types of certificates for All-In-One PCs: UN38.3 and MSDS.
The operating temperature of the All-In-One unit is 32℉-113℉.
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