The number of off-grid systems is increasing

The number of off-grid systems is increasing

The latest report from the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) shows that as of 2022, global sales of solar kits reached 9.5 million units. Of these, sales during the July to December 2022 period amounted to about 5.2 million kits. These solar kits include products such as lights, multi-light systems and solar home systems.

This sales data reflects the popularity of solar kits in the off-grid lighting and energy solutions segment. Solar kits are popular for their increased portability, efficiency and renewable energy features. In areas where grid power is not available, solar kits can provide users with reliable lighting and charging solutions that improve quality of life and promote sustainable development.

Data from GOGLA's report shows that global sales of solar energy are forecasted, which can be attributed to the urgent recognition and increased demand for clean energy and sustainable kits. Advancements in solar technology and cost reductions have also facilitated the promotion and popularization of solar kits to provide support. This is a viable option for those in areas without a steady supply of electricity, as well as for users with economic and environmental considerations.

The growth in global sales of solar kits reflects the enormous potential of solar technology for off-grid lighting and energy. Continued promotion of the development and application of solar technology will help drive the spread of clean energy and the realization of sustainable development.

Off-grid systems and equipment are important in meeting the needs of grid-less environments and solving the problem of inadequate power supply.

The following aspects may need to be considered when developing new off-grid equipment:

1.Power supply and performance: off-grid equipment needs to be reliable, able to operate normally under a variety of environmental conditions, and able to provide a continuous and stable supply of electricity over a long period of time. The performance indicators include efficiency, energy storage capacity, response time, etc.

2. efficient energy use: optimizing the energy use efficiency of the equipment is the key. The use of advanced battery technology, charging and discharging control algorithms and improve the inverter and other technologies can maximize the energy utilization efficiency of off-grid equipment.

3.Intelligent management and monitoring: By integrating intelligent management and monitoring systems, real-time monitoring, optimized energy management, fault diagnosis and remote control of off-grid equipment can be realized, thus enhancing the manageability and operability of the system.

4.Disaster resistance and prevention: In some disasters or emergencies, off-grid equipment can provide reliable emergency power, such as earthquakes, storms, fires and so on. The anti-interference and emergency response capability of the equipment needs to be emphasized.

5.User habits: the operation and maintenance of off-grid equipment needs to be simple and easy to adapt to the needs of different users, and have a good user experience.

Traditional off-grid systems usually contain separate inverters and battery components. However, GecenPower has created a more integrated solution by combining inverters and batteries, known as our Small Power Plants. This combination allows for a more compact design and higher energy conversion efficiency. Off-grid systems with DSP control and advanced algorithms provide more precise control and higher performance. the DSP provides fast data processing and decision-making functions to better meet the user's energy needs. Advanced algorithms can provide more reliable energy conversion and storage by optimizing energy management and optimizing efficient battery recycling. Characterized by fast response time and high reliability. Thanks to DSP control and advanced algorithms, your off-grid system has a fast response time. This means that the system can more quickly adjust the dynamic conversion and distribution of energy to adapt to changing load demands. Such fast response helps to be able to provide a stable power supply, preventing power fluctuations or outage problems due to sudden load changes.GecenPower's small power plant has mobile convenience for more scenarios. This means it can be easily moved between locations and deployed in emergencies for scenarios such as outdoor events, situations or temporary power needs. Flexibility makes the power station more suitable for a variety of application scenarios. These features help to meet user demand for off-grid power supply and create more possibilities for the use of off-grid systems.

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